ELIDH - PartiDei

This is Elidh , the fairy from PartiDei. She lives among the bonsai. ©MondoTV

3 commenti:

  1. I can't wait for Part'idei to start! And I'm already loving the character designs. A bonsai fairy? So awesome!! <3

  2. oh, if you only knew...there are so many other strange ideas in this series... robots, elves, creatures, pagan gods, barbarians, supercomputers, a technorganic virus, a subterranean lost civilization, atlantideans-like people, different alien landscapes... nearly everything you can ask for in a sci-fi/fantasy opera ! I hope they 'll work it out...but I don't know, it's been a lot since I did all the pre-production stuff... :-(

  3. Wow, really? I mean I watched the trailer like 20+ times already and a) this theme is really one of my favourites, b) it just looked great and different, with so many ideas! I'm kinda becoming a Mondo TV fan. xD (Angel's Friends, Virus Attack, now watching Sissi, and there's a list of all the old ones I want to check out). I also became fan of your character design style. :$ I really hope it'll get released soon, and also that the people working on it will be still alive after it's done. xD (I know making animation is one of the hardest and most cruel jobs out there :( )