ANGEL FRIENDS - preliminary sketches

these are some studies for the main characters of the series "ANGEL FRIENDS" I did. 

these for Raf:

this for Sulfus:
and Kabiria & Kabalè : 
yes! they were loosly based on Rihanna and Angelina...:-)

all drawings  ©MondoTV, PlayPress

3 commenti:

  1. Wow, these look just great! This was the first Mondo TV series I watched and fell in love with it.
    So Sulfus was just like that from the start? :P

  2. yes, plus or minus. he had those feathers on the shoulders that I liked so much, but the merchandising dept. didn't want them. it was a pity to me, I thought it was better that way (obviously, otherwise I wouldn't have done it! )

  3. I like the idea, too! Although my guess is that it'd have been harder to make (dollwise, lol). :/ Still, the end-product is really good so don't worry about it. :D (Any girl who saw the series fell in love with him... :P)
    BTW this is the second time I get to know that certain characters are designed based on real people/celebrities. That's so interesting! :o
    As for Raf, I really just loved her final version of her hair but as for the wings, the first ones look soo good. >.< Such a pity they couldn't be kept in the end.