ANGEL'S FRIENDS - character design

here the opening theme of a TV series by MondoTV with my character design. 
I created the main characters and almost aIl of the secondary. I was assisted by a very talented artist , Nicoletta Persello (you can find her blog in the list)  who did all the clean-ups and a lot of different clothing of the characters.  was funny to do because of the fashion design to be created...

3 commenti:

  1. LOL so you found it funny? :D I'm happy to hear that! I think the designs turned out to be quite unique. And I think the characters are quite varied, I really liked all of them.
    BTW creating a new set of clothes after transforming > must have been hard haha.

  2. yes, I always try to focus on the funny , exciting part of the thing, to keep my work "alive". anyway it's always some sort of silent fight doing new designs . there are so many people involved in the decisional process that it's impossible to make everyone happy. and if it's so, often it's 'cause what you've done don't stimulate any feeling or reaction. so it has been a little bit difficult to keep the style and the visual ideas till the factual phase. it's always a process in which you lose a lot of the original ideas. I think of it as a meteorite entering the atmosphere. :-)

  3. I can see that. I have lots of other cartoons and 2D stuff I admire, I just love checking out the sketches and original ideas (if they are available ^^). From a fan's point of view, these make me imagine the show with the original ideas, how it would be, why it was changed, etc. :D And in the end, I think the characters ended up really nicely and unique, which is really hard as so many cartoons have one objective in mind: selling toys... > makes designs and decisions kinda limited at times. ^^"